Terence Koh DO NOT DOUBT THE DANGEROUSNESS OF MY BUTTERFLY SONG So I am standing here in Africa And the sky is all rainbow colored And I'm not even sure what time it is There stands this 12 inch man before me He is making a pink mask And I see its made of mercury dekrashootica remusittko desericientokinis mataukkarmilo tresica onloosio vandalmehr akir meturkicanasse lemotika silickimu It’s snowing And around me a carpet of hair Everything moves like whispers koomoori o seiturikuer pien sa liokiossetis mokio pelle trium lepigerre hesiotuklopot Who dances with the angels Black owl rock A soft technical cloud heriousica bienui loi sow sow mulee kessiostrmieerelukaarrrrrre Take me on the sinking boat This is no modern nothing This is no song koh, June. Los Angeles. june 2004.